Olive Oil and Light

In John 10:22 we read that JESUS was at the Temple celebrating the Feast of Dedication. That Feast on the Hebrew Calendar is also know as Hanukkah and is sometimes referred to as the Festival of Lights. The Feast of Dedication  generally coincides with the CHRISTmas season.
In 167 B.C. a Seleucid Greek ruler by the name of Antiochus Epiphanes IV came into Jerusalem and defiled the Temple. He slaughtered a pig on the altar and forced the Jews to eat pig flesh. If any refused, and most did, they were murdered. He then took the pig broth and cast it into the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies in the Temple. Daniel called this act the ‘abomination of desolation’. Antiochus made it illegal to worship YHWH. The Jews revolted and followed Judah ‘The Hammer’ Maccabbee to victory and regained control of the Temple. They desired to re-consecrate the Temple for worship of YHWH. There was only one canister of olive oil remaining and YHWH allowed that one canister of olive oil to burn for 8 days and the Temple was placed in operational order for the worship of YHWH.

In the Holy Place of the Temple there was only one light…the Menorah or Lampstand. The Priests were to keep Olive Oil in the Menorah constantly so the Menorah would burn brightly. 

As we think of this CHRISTmas season our thoughts turn to YESHUA bin YHWH….JESUS the SON of GOD. HE came into this darkened world as the ONE TRUE LIGHT. In fact after healing the man who was blind in John 9 JESUS declared, “I AM THE LIGHT of the world”.
The light of CHRIST shines brightly in this darkened world. The only real cure for the evil we witness on a regular basis is CHRIST. May you allow CHRIST to illuminate your life and guide you on the path that is pleasing to HIM.
May the “LIGHT of the World” be Your personal light. If You do not know CHRIST as Your SAVIOR this would be a perfect time to accept the greatest “GIFT” that has ever been given. Your CREATOR loved You so much that HE paid the price on the cross to become Your REDEEMER……

We all @ CHRISTian Counseling Services pray that You and Your families have a very Merry & Meaningful CHRISTmas!!!

Shalom!!!  Larry ><>


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