The Hand of YHWH ><>

In 1996 I had the opportunity to take my family on a tour of Italy. One of the most fascinating sites was the Sistine Chapel. On the ceiling was painted the Biblical scene entitled: “The Creation of Adam”. {Michelangelo – circa 1511-1512 A.D.}. This scene is one of the most replicated paintings in history. It […]

“Happy New Year – 2016”

Trials & Tribulations – did you have any of these in 2015?? John 16:33 states: “In this life you will have trials & tribulations, but take heart I [CHRIST] have overcome the world.” Trials & Tribulations are part of all of our lives and if we focus on them our joy will be stolen. Paul […]

Olive Oil and Light

In John 10:22 we read that JESUS was at the Temple celebrating the Feast of Dedication. That Feast on the Hebrew Calendar is also know as Hanukkah and is sometimes referred to as the Festival of Lights. The Feast of Dedication ¬†generally coincides with the CHRISTmas season. In 167 B.C. a Seleucid Greek ruler by […]

Gethsemane – “Olive Press”

In June 2014 I traveled to Israel. We stopped to see the original site of Nazareth. Nazareth during the time of JESUS processed olives. The pressing of olives was a 3-part process. The 1st pressing produced olive oil that would be consecrated for ‘holy’ use such as keeping the Menorah in the Holy Place in […]

The Olive Branch – Symbol of Peace

The Olive Branch is internationally recognized as a symbol for peace. ¬†That concept originated in the Bible in Genesis 8:11 – “And the dove came back to him [Noah] in the evening, and behold, in her mouth was a freshly plucked Olive leaf. So Noah knew the waters had subsided from the earth.” Mankind had […]